Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.
The LGBTQISA2ss+ Pride Activities, and Social Events Center of Elmira, NY.
The only Church in Central New York founded and fostered by the GLBTQSIA2ss+ community for 39 years. October 31, 2022 - 39th Anniversary now in our 40th year in Ministry.
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Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. is a congregation with a rich worship tradition that continues to grow and develop as the Holy Spirit leads.  Section 8 of our Bylaws gives a good overview of our worship tradition. Click here to read that information.  On this page we shall review some of the information we use to explain our worship.

Holy Communion / The Blessed Sacrament / The Lord's Supper / The Holy Eucharist

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Everyone is invited to receive Holy Communion, also known as The Eucharist, The Lord's Table, or The Blessed Sacrament at Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.


It is not required that you be a member of this church or any other church, to receive Holy Communion at / or with Ray Of Hope Church.


This Holy Communion is the Table of Jesus Christ, who is really present among us.  Jesus invites you to receive Him in this Eucharistic banquet.  If this is your first time receiving The Blessed Sacrament, let us know before you receive or right after, so we might pray a special prayer of thanksgiving with you.   


Unfortunately, through the centuries many institutional churches have established rules, teachings, and practices that would exclude people from Holy Communion.  There has been an almost endless list of reasons to exclude people from the Blessed Sacrament.  Yet, together, during the worship service, we recite the very words of Jesus, the Words of Institution, "This is my body.  This is my blood," and we rehear Christ present with us saying: "Take this, all of you and eat; Take this all of you and drink" of this gift. 


I have thought about this extensively and have decided to take these words "Take this, all of you.."  as a command to the church to give, and bring, the Eucharistic Gift to everyone who will receive.  This approach also requires us to teach people about this gift.  I have stated in other places, it is uniquely and deliberately the work of Christ in His Church to offer the necessary education, guidance, and practices that help people live a life centered and purposed on finding and sharing the Will of God.   The Lord's Table is central in that life.


The Eucharist belongs to the Church.  The Blessed Sacrament is Christ in us, through us, and with us; made known in the breaking of the Bread of Life and drinking of the Cup of Salvation.  We are to take this gift to the whole world. 


We begin by inviting those who are on the fringe of society, those who have been pushed aside, those who are poor, who are not accepted, who are sick, who need God's help in special ways.  We welcome and bring the Eucharist to everyone who has been told they cannot receive it by other Denominations.  In conclusion, to all persons who have ever been told "no you cannot" go to Communion in any other church, hear us, "yes you can" at Ray Of Hope.  All are welcome.  Or as we like to say as one of our mottos, when we quote Fr. Bartholomew J. O'Brien; "You are as welcome here as Christ Himself."  


Come to the Table of the Lord.  There is a place set for you too.

(Excerpted from the Pastoral Report given at the Annual Meeting 34 on January 28, 2018 by Pastor Br. Shawn F. Benedict, updated 3-6-21)

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See here the Holy Communion Table set at the Elmira All City World Communion Sunday worship event October 6, 2013. 
WHO SHOULD RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION, THE EUCHARIST, AT RAY OF HOPE CHURCH?  Read in the scroll box below here, or, to read in a PDF Right Click Here.