Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.
The LGBTQISA2ss+ Pride Activities, and Social Events Center of Elmira, NY.
The only Church in Central New York founded and fostered by the GLBTQSIA2ss+ community for 39 years. October 31, 2022 - 39th Anniversary now in our 40th year in Ministry.


8.01 Rites/Sacraments/Ordinances/Rituals. 

The Rites/Sacraments/Ordinances/Rituals of Ray Of Hope Church are performed by the licensed clergy of Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ and those they authorize. Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches Rites/Sacraments/Ordinances/Rituals do not confer Salvation or Grace. Rather, they express or give witness to the work of Christ in a person's life. Persons are encouraged to renew or reaffirm any Rite/Sacrament/Ordinance/Ritual that they may have celebrated in another dogmatic tradition. The following liturgical procedures are performed as outlined in the Policy Manual of the Vocational Ministry Program of Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ (the PMVM); 

8.02 Baptism. 

Baptism in/with water as recorded in the Scriptures, shall be a sign of the dedication of each life in Christ Jesus and God's service and shall be witnessed by Christ's Church.

8.03 Holy Communion.

Holy Communion is the partaking of blessed bread and fruit of the vine in accordance with the words of Jesus, our Sovereign: "this is my body...this is my blood." (Matthew 26:26-28). All who believe, confess and repent and seek God's love through Christ, after examining their consciences, may freely participate in the communal meal, signifying their desire to be received into community with Jesus the Christ, to be saved by His sacrifice, to participate in His resurrection, and to commit their lives anew to the service of Christ Jesus. 

8.04 Membership. 

A Christian may become a Member of Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ after completing classes for instruction in the beliefs and doctrines of the Church. Membership shall be publicly celebrated before a local congregation at any regular worship service.

8.05 Affirmation of Faith. 

Affirmation of Faith is a public declaration of renewed faith.

8.06 Christian Salvation/Altar Call/Being Saved. 

Christian Salvation/Altar Call/Being Saved is a public declaration that one believes in God and has accepted the salvation offered by the Gospel of Jesus, the Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God.  See John 5:24. (Amended September 18, 2011.) (this By-law used to read: “.. a public declaration that one personally accepts Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.”)

8.07 Altar Call/Prayer Time/Come Forward For Prayer 

This call for personal and group prayer may be made at any worship service. Some will use it for Salvation Prayer, others for healing, confession, renewal, etc.

8.08 Profession of Faith.

The profession of faith is the declaration of the Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Statement of Faith.

8.09 Ordination. 

Ordination is the setting apart of duly qualified persons for the professional ministry of Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

8.10 Installation/Affirmation of Appointed Clergy. 

Installation/affirmation of Appointed Clergy is a local celebration of appointment of a clergyperson of Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ to a particular Extension or other Authorized Ministry.

8.11 Vows To Religious Life. 

Taking vows to religious life is a public celebration of a Christian's religious Vows recognizing his or her commitment to serve the Body Of Christ in authorized service as a "Sister" or "Brother" or "Monk" or "Nun" or "Missionary" or other designations as determined by various traditions of professed religious workers of the various Christian denominations. All charisms of the various Christian religious orders, societies, apostolic societies, ministry service societies, fraternities, sororities, missionary societies, ministries, etc. of any denomination are welcome at Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

8.12 Exorcism/Cleansing/Discernment of Spirits.

Exorcism/Cleansing/Discernment of Spirits is the offering of prayers to the Holy Spirit to assist a Christian's petition that a person be cleansed of all evil.

8.13 Funeral/Memorial Service/Service Of Resurrection.

A funeral, memorial service, or service of the resurrection is a celebration of Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the family of a deceased person.

8.14 Laying On Of Hands/Anointing With Oil. 

Laying on of hands/anointing with oil may include prayer for the healing of the sick in mind, body or spirit.

8.15 Forgiveness/Confession/The Ministry of Reconciliation. 

Private celebration of the forgiveness/confession/reconciliation is available upon request. The celebration may be in an "open format" or face-to-face visiting and prayer setting, or it may be in a "enclosed format" where the identity of the person making the act of confession and repentance is not known to the Clergyperson.  There may also be special worship services for the ministry of Reconciliation.

8.16 Blessing. 

Blessing may be conducted for persons, things and relationships, when deemed by the Appointed Pastor to be appropriate. 

8.17 Celebration Of Christ’s Work of Holy Union/(and) Holy Matrimony. 

Holy Union/Holy Matrimony is the fitting and proper celebration of Christ's work of joining two persons in life-long holy vows to each other. The Church may witness these vows and confer a blessing in the Name Of Jesus after both persons have been counseled and apprised of their responsibilities one toward the other, the Church, and Christ.

8.18 Reaffirmation or Renewal of Holy Union/Holy Matrimony Vows. 

Reaffirmation or renewal of holy union/holy matrimony vows is a public profession of renewal and rededication of a couple's love in Christ and may be performed upon the request of the couple upon appraisal and reminder to them of their responsibilities to each other, the Church, and Christ.

8.19 Dissolution of Holy Union and Holy Matrimony.

The recognition of the dissolution of a Holy Union or Holy Matrimony may be requested after all legal obligations for separation and divorce have been met, upon the request of either person previously united, at the discretion of an Appointed Pastor of Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

8.20 Baptism Of The Holy Spirit/Second Blessing/Anointing In The Holy Spirit/Sacrament Of Confirmation. 

After a person has made their Statement Of Faith, their dedication to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives, and has been baptized in water, they may receive the Laying On Of Hands, anointing with oil and prayers for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for the Gifts of the Spirit as Christ wills, for Christ's Service. Acts 1:5,8.



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