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The LGBTQSIAN2ss+ Pride Activities, and Social Events Center of Elmira, NY.
The only Church in Central New York founded and fostered by the GLBTQSIA2ss+ community for 39 years. October 31, 2022 - 39th Anniversary now in our 40th year in Ministry.
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3:50 p.m.
LGBTQSIANE2ss+ Community: Indigenous Peoples and Columbus Weekend.  Worship was held on Sunday, October 8, 2023, @ 10:30 a.m. at Ray Of Hope Church, Inc., in person and interactively on the Internet using Skype.   The Sermon starts at the Gospel reading 25:10 and continues through the full sermon.  Download the UPDATED Order of Worship with weekly announcements: RIGHT CLICK HERE.   See the Facebook Live recording of the worship event: RIGHT CLICK HERE:https://fb.watch/nD-N07F3Wn/    

We discussed the Doctrine Of Discovery, used in documents beginning in the 15th Century that were issued by Popes and Kings to claim all rights to lands and property of Indigenous People if the Christian explorer declared the land "discovered" and posted the flag or other symbols on the place.  If after a time those who were previously living there did not convert to Catholic Christianity it was understood as a sign from God to terminate, enslave, and use all manner of domination of such people including liquidating their wealth.  Scholars estimate between 5 and 15 million people lived on this continent when Columbus arrived.  He went back to Spain and returned in 1494 with the papal document, Inter Caetera, which supposedly gave the land "discovered" into Christian hands.  This act has been repeated over and over from then to this very day.  We discussed this in the sermon.

We also discussed the place of Israel in God's plan.  We discussed the newly declared war on Hamas by Israel in light of the surprise attack by Hamas on October 7.  This war is also about religion and right to land and wealth.  There is a lot of information in this video and do download the Order of Worship and follow along and look at all of the links mentioned.

Finally, if you extend your speakers to an external source and sound system you may have the full range of sound fidelity with bass and high notes crystal clear.  If you use an HDMI cord or a computer RGB cord out to your large-screen TV or to a large computer monitor you will have the full range of view too!  Additionally, some newer equipment uses Bluetooth to connect the computer to the TV screen or computer monitor.

This online presentation is covered by our Onelicense Print Permission and Streaming License A-741278, our Christian Copyright License Incorporated License Number 706121, and Christian Copyright License Incorporated Streaming Plus License 21787152.

To donate and assist with our expenses, use our secure PayPal link:  Donate to Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  You may also donate by sending your donation to Ray Of Hope Church, 380 W. 1st St. Elmira, NY 14901, with attention to the Treasurer.  We always say give what you can but never give your last.  Thank you, and God bless you.

We like to say to our LGBTQSIAN2ss+++ friends: We are the church made by YOU, for YOU, because we ARE YOU!  You are as welcome here as Christ Jesus Himself.  Today, you will find persons of every sexual orientation and every gender expression in our congregation and leadership.

Experience has taught us reading the Bible using a literal interpretation is the only way LGBT+++  people can answer the "religious people" attacking us.  At Ray Of Hope, we aim to educate the general public on Theology.  There is no conflict between Scientific research, discovery, and Theology. 

Ray Of Hope Church strongly supports Trans persons, Trans education, Trans medicine, and the professionals who assist Trans persons.  However, we are very critical of the attempts we see in the Church and the State that make things difficult for Trans people and any person of any sexual orientation or gender expression. 

We have to EDUCATE and ACTIVATE the young adult LGBTQSINAE2ss+ Electorate!  This is an Electorate Emergency.  This is not a drill!  (Br. Benedict 8-6-23)

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There is a great website that tracks how many countries are at war: https://wisevoter.com/country-rankings/countries-currently-at-war/

***WOKE*** Conservatives have taken over the expression "woke" popularized by African-American young men.  African-Americans used the word to mean staying awake and alert, to have been "woke" up and paying attention to the cultural and religious movements of the past, present, and potential futures.  The Ray Of Hope Church Statement of Purpose calls us to stay "woke" at all times, paying attention to the world of religion, politics, and society.

We did not start a new kind of Christianity.  Ray Of Hope Church teaches the same Christian faith of ancient ecumenical consensus.  St. Vincent of Lerins, a fifth-century monk and theologian, described it as "what has been believed always, everywhere, and by all."

The Music in today's worship event included:
Prelude played by Ed Askins on the piano.   "Surely The Presence Of The Lord,"  Words and Music by Lanny Wolfe.  ©1977 Lanny Wolfe Music (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing).  CCLI Song # 7909  Used with permission through our Christian Copyright License Incorporated License Number 706121 and Christian Copyright License Incorporated Streaming Plus License 21787152.

FIRST SONG: All Creatures of Our God and King. 
Text: LM with additions; St. Francis of Assisi, 1182-1226; Laudato sia Dio mio Signore; tr. by William H. Draper, 1855-1933, alt. Music: Auserlesene Catholische Geistliche Kirchengesänge, Cologne, 1623.  Glory and Praise Second Edition #672.  Onlicense Song # 80362.  Used with Print Permission and Streaming License A-741278

SECOND SONG: Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless  Text: CM; verses 1, 2, James Montgomery, 1771-1854; verses 3, 4, anon.  Music: John B. Dykes, 1823-1876.   Glory and Praise Second Edition #501.  Onlicense Song # 84164.  Used with Print Permission and Streaming License A-741278

OFFERTORY SONG: "I Worship You Almighty God"  Words and Music by Sondra Corbett.  ©1983 Integrity's Hosanna! Music (Admin. by Integrity Music).  CCLI Song # 20807  Used with permission through our Christian Copyright License Incorporated License Number 706121 and Christian Copyright License Incorporated Streaming Plus License 21787152.

COMMUNION SONG: Alleluia composed by Jerry Sinclair © 1972 Manna Music, Inc. (Admin. by Gaither Copyright Management).  CCLI Song #16811. All rights reserved.  International copyright secured.  Used with permission through our Christian Copyright License Incorporated License Number 706121 and Christian Copyright License Incorporated Streaming Plus License 21787152.

CLOSING SONG: Prayer Of St. Francis words and music by Sebastian Temple.  Dedicated to Mrs. Francis Tracy. Text: Based on the prayer traditionally ascr. to St. Francis of Assisi, 1182-1226. Text and music © 1967, OCP. All rights reserved. Glory and Praise Second Edition #650.  Onlicense Song # 80478. Used with Print Permission and Streaming License A-741278


Two political/religious movements are having a dynamic impact on Politics shaping and reshaping our civil life in the United States.  LGBTQS++ people must take the time to understand Christian Reconstructionism (Source:  https://www.thearda.com/us-religion/history/timelines/entry?etype=3&eid=27 Christian Reconstructionism - Timeline Movement) and the Religious Right, the "new Christian right, " including the "Moral Majority became the most prominent organization in the religious right soon after Jerry Falwell founded it in 1979.  Targeting the Republican base, the organization mobilized voters to elect politicians who would defend their values: supporting prayers and creationism in schools, as well as opposing abortion, pornography, obscenity and other perceived threats to the family.

Though the Moral Majority declined by the late 1980s, the religious right remains active fighting against same-sex marriage and abortion.  " source: (https://www.thearda.com/us-religion/history/timelines/entry?etype=3&eid=17 Religious Right - Timeline Movement)

We must educate ourselves about this movement so we may begin to answer the religious and political activists who are convincing others to join their efforts to roll back our rights with more than our feelings. 

(source: The Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) strives to democratize access to the best data on religion.  Founded as the American Religion Data Archive in 1997 and going online in 1998, the initial archive was targeted at researchers interested in American religion.)  

We are proud to be known as the "WOKE" Church of Elmira and Central NY. 
Ray Of Hope remains committed to all of the Civil Rights afforded to all people in the United  States of America.  At Ray Of Hope Church, you are not required to believe any of what you are hearing.  Your faith and what you decide to believe is your responsibility.  Ray Of Hope Church will teach the Historic Christian Doctrine; that is what the Statement Of Purpose says.