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You started this and belong here.

Your tax deductible donation keeps us here and active in this ministry.  Thank you.    

You are WOKE. 

You are going to Heaven.

You are perfectly made.

You (LGBTQSIANE2ss+) are in God's Word and loved.

You are LGBTQSIANE2ss+.  

Your gender is good and holy.

You create your family of choice.

You are needed, You matter.

You are inclusive, understanding,progressive, liberal, and love new ideas..

You are a free thinker, spiritual but not religious.  Perhaps, "good without God."

Ray Of Hope Church is congregational, progressive, radically inclusive, liberal, and united in Christ. 

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NEW: Traditional Mass for Catholics and Everyone Else. WEDNESDAYS,  NOON: CLICK HERE.

Church Leadership is open to all genders. We have all the Sacraments, Gifts of the Spirit, Bible Enrichment, and more.

We offer tuition-free ministry education, professional ordination, and professional ministry licensure. 

We use Technology  for real-time participation anywhere in the world from "closet" to "close by".

We offer a 6,000 + item onsite library.  Knowledge is essential. 

We emphasize the Federal Civil Rights Laws,
NYS Dignity for All Students Act, and our Policy Concerning Minors at Events.  Religious Freedom for all!

We remember: NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt - Sundays. 

We observe Pride Month, Pride Sunday in the winter, Civil Rights/ MLK Day, Juneteenth, Women's History, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veteran's Day, Black History Month, Holocaust Remembrance Day,  Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Transgender Day of Visibility and Remembrance, plus  much more.

Your tax deductible donation keeps us here and active in this ministry.  Thank you.   

7:35 p.m.