Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.
The LGBTQISA2ss+ Pride Activities, and Social Events Center of Elmira, NY.
The only Church in Central New York founded and fostered by the GLBTQSIA2ss+ community for 39 years. October 31, 2022 - 39th Anniversary now in our 40th year in Ministry.
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Posted here are the agendas, the unapproved, and the approved minutes of our monthly Council Meetings.  The monthly minutes are our monthly newsletter so everyone is up to date on where we stand. Use your scroll button on your mouse or on the screen to move through the index below and click on the agenda or minutes you wish to read.  Use your back arrow or click on "The Council Minutes and Agendas" link in the left side navigation bar to return to this Index page.
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The  Council of Ray Of Hope Church



Agenda: November 24, 2017

Minutes: Unapproved: October 20, 2017

Minutes: Approved: September 1, 2017

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The Congregation held its Annual Meeting on January 19, 2020 at 1:30 p.m..  Read the documents here to see first hand what it costs to keep this LGBTQIS organization alive and healthy.  Ray Of Hope does not receive any grants or funds other than the direct donations people make to the organization.  In 2020 it could cost as much as $101,797.00 to remain active.  Click on the documents below to study our proposed budgets (one for the operation of our building and the other for the total corporation budget), the notes from our last Congregational Meeting (held in September, 2019) and the Agenda for this one.

2020 Announcement of the Annual Meeting #37.  Click Here.
2020 Annual Meeting Agenda January 2020 Click Here.
2020 proposed corporation budget Ray Of Hope Church Click Here.
2020 proposed building budget Ray Of Hope Church Click Here.
2020 Pastoral Reports for 2019 Click Here.
2020 Moderator Reports for 2019 Click Here.

2019 End of the Year Income and Expense Report (Showing all income and expenses in 2019)  Click Here.
2019 End of the Year Balance Sheet Click Here.
2019 September 15 Congregational Minutes Click Here.