Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.
The LGBTQISA2ss+ Pride Activities, and Social Events Center of Elmira, NY.
The only Church in Central New York founded and fostered by the GLBTQSIA2ss+ community for 39 years. October 31, 2022 - 39th Anniversary now in our 40th year in Ministry.
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Posted here are the unapproved minutes of our monthly Council Meeting for October 20, 2017.  The monthly minutes are our monthly newsletter so everyone is up to date on where we stand.  These minutes will be reviewed and approved at the November 24, 2017 meeting. Do notice we have some financial needs at this time.  Use your scroll button on your mouse or on the screen to read the minutes.  Use your back arrow or click on "The Council Minutes and Agendas" link in the left side navigation bar to return to the Council Agenda and Minutes Index page.
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  Ray Of Hope Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.

Unapproved Minutes

October 20, 2017

380 W. First Street Elmira NY

7:00 p.m.

All are welcome 



Council Members present were:

           Rev. Shawn F. Benedict - Appointed Pastor        

           Veronica Floyd - Moderator(1/2019)

           Lisa Frost- Corp.Treasurer (1/2018)


Council Members absent were:   None

Ray of Hope Church Members and Friends present:  None


Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm by Veronica Floyd   

Opening Prayer offered by Veronica Floyd             

Motion to approve: Br. Benedict    second   Lisa Frost  

Vote:   3    in favor-0 against-    0- abstain        

2.  REVIEW & APPROVE Minutes of Sept 1, 2017 Council Meeting
Motion to approve:  Br. Benedict   second   Lisa Frost

Vote:   3   in favor- 0 against  0-abstain.   


(Veronica Floyd) -  We need everyone’s input at the Council meeting and tonight it is very disappointing to not have any congregational support and attendance.  The Council meeting is for the congregation to come and share in the governance of the organization.  All ideas are much appreciated and welcomed as we work together for the Glory of God.   


2. VICE MODERATOR’S REPORT:  No Vice Moderator at this time           


3. TREASURER'S  REPORT:  (Lisa Frost) – Verbal report received. Treasurer needed to transfer money from the Building improvement fund to the Building fund and General Fund since last meeting.  Although adjustments were made to offerings by some to account for extra weeks in the month, we still are in a situation where the monthly offerings are not keeping pace with the monthly expenses. 

Currently up to date on all operational expenses.  Balances in the accounts are as follows:

General Fund - $749.98, Building Fund - $902.59, Building improvement fund - $3500.39 and credit card balance - $2052.80.


4. CLERK'S REPORT: ( )   Nothing new to report


5. APPOINTED PASTOR REPORT: (Rev. Benedict) —   Continued attendance at the Elmira Clergy meetings and participated in World Communion Sunday service.  Continuing with Bible Enrichment study on Tuesday nights in which all are welcomed.  Spent tie designing the banner for the front of the building to aid in people being able to find the chapel.. the emphasis is on “God Says My House shall be a house of Prayer” Isaiah 56:7 and  “You are as welcome here as Christ Jesus himself”.  We thank Cheryl Allen for her generous donation of $280 to secure the banner and personally seeing the project through from beginning to end.  Br. Benedict and Jane McDermott donated funds for hardware needed.  

Preparing to officiate a wedding in November and have had 3 meetings with the couple thus far. 

Hosted many visitors to the chapel over the past few weeks.

Upcoming Worship calendar:   November 19th – Feast of Christ the King, Advent wk 1 – Nov 26th, Advent wk 2 – Dec 3rd, Advent wk 3 (Gaudete Sunday, Pink Party) – Dec. 10th , Advent wk 4 – Dec 17th, Christmas Nativity celebrated – Dec 24th.


6. VOCATIONAL MINSTRY TRAINING PROGRAM- (Rev. Benedict) —   No applications at this time


MOTION TO APPROVE OFFICER’S REPORT’S :  Veronica Floyd  Second   Br. Benedict                                                                                                                          

Vote:    3    in favor-0  against- 0 abstain   


1. Ithaca Bible Study- 
     Inactive status


2. Syracuse  -     No new updates


3.  Southern Tier Extension – Good participation at World Communion Sunday service from the music to Lisa Frost reading Gospel, Cheryl Allen opening prayer, Br. Benedict assisting  with Eucharistic Prayer and two of our Eucharistic ministers assisting with communion. The church banner was also on display.


IV. Committee Reports of Ray of Hope Church:


1. St. Benedict of Nursia Memorial Library Committee:   No new updates         


2.  Pride Month Committee (June 2018) –


3. Building Reports:  

          Elmira Building:  Annual inspection of Fire extinguishers completed


4. Corporation Fundraising:   Bring more people to hear and share the good news of Jesus Christ..


5.. Westcott Street Fair:   A big thank you to Robb Bacon for coordinating the garage sale that currently netted $300.55 for Building Improvement fund.


6. 501(c)(3):   


7. Technology Report:  Website continues to be updated.  Please remember to use the website as a resource to introduce new people to the church.  It is all at your finger tips.


8. Pastoral Search Committee:


Motion to approve the committee reports: Lisa Frost   Second  Br. Benedict

Vote:  3  in favor, 0 – against, 0 - abstain


Motions 6,8 were tabled at 4/26/2013 meeting due to time constraints.


MOTION # 6 -

MOTION: I, Michael Quinnell, move that a new outdoor faucet be installed on the east side of the building at 380 W 1st Street, Elmira.


RATIONALE: Currently the exterior faucet is located on the west (Davis Street) side of the building. Placing a faucet on the opposite side of the building would decrease the possibility of vandalism (water being turned on) and would facilitate outdoor activities by being located closer to where the activities would be occurring (i.e. watering gardens).


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I spoke with John McGee who, as I understood him to say, was not necessarily interested in bidding on this project but felt that it would be easier and less expensive for us to install a new faucet and disable the old one (remove faucet knob, shut off that pipe’s water).


Respectfully submitted, Michael Quinnell



MOTION # 8 -

MOTION: I, Michael Quinnell, move that carpet be removed and the flooring repaired in the Frasier Fellowship Room in the building on the 380 W 1st Street, Elmira.


RATIONALE: The carpet, in its current condition, is unsafe. It has bare spots, in which some of the nails underneath stick upward; and it frequently unravels, creating a tripping hazard.




Respectfully submitted, Michael Quinnell



Motion 1.  



Vote:        in favor-   against-   abstain   


VII. Comments/Remarks from those in attendance:   


VIII. Prayer  - offered by  Lisa Frost


IX. Meeting adjourned  -     8:28 pm


Respectfully submitted to Historical Record.   Veronica Floyd, Moderator, October 2017